Conceived of as a living archive in constant evolution, the artists’ files provide access to a number of visual, textual, and sonic resources that make it possible to report on the career and practice of each artist. They are created in close collaboration with the artists, who determine the content and its arrangement.

Within the DDAB platform, each artist has a dedicated space, a monographic file that they begin to build after being selected to join the collection. They provide the entirety of the materials that they wish to appear there, so that DDAB can produce, in dialogue with them, a file composed of three sections: “works” which, thanks to an extensive selection of images, allows the user to browse the production of the artist; “resources,” which—whether textual, visual, or sonic—accompany the work and provide keys to the artist’s practice; and “bio/bibliography,” a detailed curriculum vitae that lays out the career path of each artist. The “In brief” tab makes it possible to download a summary of the file.

Designed to evolve along with the artists’ projects, the files are regularly updated. Thus, they make up a living archive of an art practice. The resources accessible within each file also work to highlight the research around the work and to promote the critical and curatorial work that accompanies it.

Thanks to a work of precise indexing of themes and mediums specific to each artist, DDAB makes it possible for all types of audiences—art lovers, teachers, professionals—to conduct a specific search within the site. The search engine, as well as the different modes of navigation within the files, makes it possible to approach them with different perspectives and objectives.

A bi-monthly newsletter notifies recipients about newly-available files.