Le Préac - art contemporain

Actions and resource production

To promote the development of arts and culture in the school environment, the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture have set up resource hubs for artistic and cultural education in specific artistic fields, including visual arts.

Established in 2002, PREAC art contemporain, based in the Brittany region, aims to support project leaders in artistic and cultural education. Its work is divided across two main axes: providing educational resources and tools, and setting up times for meetings and reflection on issues related to the transmission of knowledge in the field of visual arts.

Discover le Préac: https://www.preac-artcontemporain.fr/

Art Contemporain en Bretagne - a.c.b

Art contemporain en Bretagne is the network of contemporary art professionals in the region (artists, freelancers, and organizations). The A.C.B. website presents practical information and the entirety of the artistic and cultural programming of its member organizations.

Learn more: www.artcontemporainbretagne.org

Délégation académique à l’éducation artistique et à l’action culturelle - DAAC

The mission of the Délégation académique à l’éducation artistique et à l’action culturelle is to promote and develop artistic and cultural projects within academic establishments, in partnership with teachers.

Thanks to all of its human resources, DAAC covers a wide range of artistic and cultural domains: fine arts, theater, music, dance, film, reading/writing/speaking, heritage and archives, scientific and technological culture, and artistic professions.

Learn more: https://daac.ac-rennes.fr/

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Education Artistique et Culturelle - EAC

The objective of L’éducation artistique et culturelle (EAC) is to encourage the participation of all children and young people in artistic and cultural life, through the acquisition of knowledge, direct relationships with artworks, meetings with artists and cultural professionals, and the development of an artistic or cultural practice. The spread of EAC involves the mobilization of all the ministerial, artistic, cultural, nonprofit, and regional actors to develop actions as close as possible to the regions.

About: https://www.culture.gouv.fr/Thematiques/Education-artistique-et-culturelle

Réseau Canopé

Operator of the Ministry of National Education and Youth, Réseau Canopé’s mission is the lifelong training and professional development of teachers. It supports them in particular in the acquisition of digital tools and environments.

Learn more: https://www.reseau-canope.fr/