Conceived of as a living archive in constant evolution, the artists’ files provide access to a number of visual, textual, and sonic resources that make it possible to report on the career and practice of each artist. They are created in close collaboration with the artists, who determine the content and its arrangement.


Selection of
the Artists

Like its counterparts in the Documents d’Artistes Network, the association has the goal of presenting a selection of artists who are varied in terms of medium and artistic approach, as well as geographic location, age, and gender. Each year, DDA Bretagne announces a call for applications to join the documentary collection, which is addressed to fine artists living and working in Brittany.

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Support for
the Artists

Alongside the documentary work, which makes it possible to better understand the artists’ work, Documents d’Artistes Bretagne carries out a mission to support the artists of the documentary collection in order to contribute to the development of their art practice and its dissemination.

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By offering training modules, DDAB helps students and graduates of l’École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne to prepare for their entrance into professional life.

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As a regional resource organization, DDAB is regularly called upon for its expertise in the Breton art scene and develops partnerships with different institutions and actors in the region.

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