BASE is a website published by Documents d’Artistes Bretagne to promote work by recent graduates of the European Higher School of Art of Brittany currently working as visual artists, graphic artists or designers.
DD’AB joined forces with the EESAB to create a documentation tool to highlight work by former students from the EESAB’s four locations in Brest, Lorient, Quimper, Rennes. On BASE website, the artists can publish a variety of material documenting their works (through photos, videos, texts) and providing an overview of their professional activity : news, work in progress. The website was launched in 2013. After a three year period hosted on the website the portfolios are archived.

The artists at BASE also benefit from the support of Documents d’Artistes Bretagne, especially through the program “Meet-up BASE” which makes it possible to put these artists into contact with art world professionals in order to discuss their practice and receive a critical text on their work. Critics who have contributed: Julie Crenn, Raphaël Brunel, Franck Balland, Marie Chenel, Elsa Vettier, Anne-Lou Vicente, Julie Ackermann, Horya Makhlouf, Henri Guette…