J'y laisserai ma vieille peau

L'aparté, lieu d'art contemporain, Iffendic, 2019

J’y laisserai ma vieille peau, 2019
Exhibition views at the Aparté, lieu d’art contemporain, Iffendic.
Image : Vincent Malassis et Anaïs Touchot

«This summer, you are also presenting the exhibition « J’y laisserai ma vieille peau » at the Aparté in Iffendic, transformed into a spa resort – obviously fictional, the water from the Trémelin lake being deprived of any curative virtues at this date.A water bar stamped «Fountain of Youth» welcomes visitors, who can then move around bathrobes, seats and sculptures imitating and even “pimping” treatment devices, in an almost science-fictional vein, and at least surrealistic.
If you do not divert the water from the lake, you however seem to divert the ancient idea of the eternally young body – not without derision.
Alternatively taken in hands or rolled in the mud, making the object the cult of small care, it is clear that the body ages over time (more or less quickly certainly) and runs to its loss …»

Anne-Lou Vicente, 2019, Extract of Copie Carbone Critique, Collection quoi


RELAX en Peignoir, 2019
Performance (20mins)
With Vincent Malassis
Performance at the domain of Trémelin during the exhibition ” J’y laisserai ma vieille peau “

Come and try the must-do of your relaxing stopover.«RELAX en Peignoir» is a collective performance, an outdoor water aerobic session, without a pool.Open to everyone, athletic or not, just let yourself be guided by the voice and choreography of the charming activity leader.A gathering benefitting body and mind : let yourself be carried away by the beautiful host who will release all your tensions of everyday life through music.
Let us transform therapeutic gestures into performative gestures: the only prerogative, bring your bathrobe.