Perdue Chatte

Exposition à la Sandwich Gallery, Bucarest, Roumanie, 2019

Installation: bois de récupération, branches, briques, céramique, clochette, croquettes, fourrure, journaux, pâte auto-durcissante, plâtre, pastels, porte, led

Photo : Anaïs Touchot, Daniela Palimariu, Dan Vezentan

Anaïs Touchot is a builder, and one that respects the previous lives of her materials. Directed by the search for an informal economy, she connects her works to their location and sometimes encourages a curious, nosy audience, even during production. Sometimes, she works closely to the street, benefiting from a mutual influence, seizing the street’s substance, it sociability and inevitable instinct for territory. In our case, the street is our terrace, and the meddling audience is mainly the Sandwich cats family.

While most of her installations are ephemeral, the reactions that they encourage are not. Visitors are here to touch and feel, to make use of and to become essential parts of the works – whether a gym or an alternative center for relaxation. What Anaïs creates, in fact, are not installations, but spaces of encounter, in which bridges between body and mind overcome the esthetics of it. In reality, works are often made as a tool for her to meet people and share moments.

Inside the Chocolat space, you will find a seductive Caress Bar in which cats and humans engage in a mix-and-match role play of waiters and customers, providing mutual services. Beware though, this is not your regular cuteness-overloaded cat-café! Its slightly gloomy, cheap and suburban feeling make it all the more appealing to both humans and felines. So wait your turn and enjoy the enigmatic fluffiness !

Daniela Palimariu, 2019